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Robert R. Cunningham MD, OBGYN
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Robert R Cunningham is the head of your trusted OB/GYN office. Since 2000, we have been the most trusted provider of gynecological services in the Somerset, KY, area.
Dr. Cunningham makes sure to devote time to understanding your specific needs and ensuring they are met. As a member of the Lake Cumberland Physicians Network, we accept all private health insurance and government-provided health insurance. We are experienced in all aspects of OB/GYN medicine and offer Essure®, an in-office hysteroscopic sterilization procedure
Dr. Cunningham — OB/GYN in Somerset, KY
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"Dr. Cunningham is the best doctor a woman could ask for. He is caring, he listens to what i have to say and he always explains my health to me so that i can understand the treatment i am receiving. The staff at his office are great and i am so glad to have him a part of my care"
- Christina
"Great staff, great doctor! He knows what he's doing! He delivered my first son and is going to be delivering my second son and any future children! Not changing doctors unless I have to!"
- Tori
"Dr. Cunningham is a great person and a great doctor. I came here from Northern Kentucky, I moved here at 31 weeks pregnant and I did not know any doctors in this area, I did a lot of research online and everything I found on Dr. Cunningham said, "The best in Somerset", he truly is a great Dr. although he was not the Dr who delivered me, he made sure that I knew what to expect going to the hospital."
- Kristina
As a single-provider practice, we can avoid long waiting times for patients. Our knowledgeable staff has the experience and resources to administer the absolute best care. Call us at 606-676-8186 today to schedule your appointment.