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OB/GYN Services & Birth Control Options in Somerset, KY

Come to the Office of Robert R. Cunningham for your OB/GYN needs and medical assistance from a caring and professional staff. Based in Somerset, Kentucky, we specialize in all manner of OB/GYN services and offer several birth control options.

Safe & Effective Treatments & Examinations

Our office utilizes the latest ultrasound equipment and medicines to diagnose and treat our patients. We give complete women's examinations. Some OB/GYN services and medicines we offer include:
  • Nexplanon® — A form of birth control that is implanted in the arm and good for three years.
  • Mirena® IUD — Intrauterine birth control that is good for five years.
  • ParaGard® (Copper IUD) — Intrauterine birth control that is good for 10 years.
  • NovaSure® — In-office thermal ablation service provided to our patients.
"We would like to say a big thanks to Doc and all the girls at Robert R Cunningham MD! My last two pregnancies have been awesome because of this group of people!!! You guys are great at what you do and should feel so very special helping to bring all these precious babies into the world!!!"
- Abegail
"Dr Cunningham delivered our little girl Harper on august 15, 2014. I have to say we were blessed to have had Dr Cunningham there to deliver her. He will be my obgyn as long as he practices."
- Ashley
Take control of your body and stay healthy with medical services from Dr. Cunningham in Somerset, KY. Call us at 606-676-8186 today to set up your appointment!